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Youth 2023-2024 Bouldering Competition Series

Results and Provincial Rankings

Current Provincial Rankings

2023-2024 Competition Results

The final competition which will contribute to youth rankings is The Hive's Honey Dill Style on March 2, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provincial Rankings and Qualifying for Youth Bouldering Regionals


How are provincial rankings calculated?

Rankings are determined for each age/gender category. Climbing Manitoba’s policy on Athlete Selection sets out the number of points assigned to each finishing position (i.e. first, second, third, etc.). More points are assigned to the provincial competition than local competitions. 


Climbing Manitoba will add an athlete’s provincial competition points to their two best local competitions points to determine their final ranking.

Why are athletes ranked provincially?


Athletes are ranked provincially in order to determine who will qualify for CEC competitions that rely on Provincial qualification, such as Youth Bouldering Regionals. 


Which categories compete at Youth Regionals and Youth Nationals?


The categories which qualify for and compete at Youth Regionals are Junior, Youth A, Youth B, and Youth C.

Only Junior, Youth A and Youth B compete at Nationals.

Youth D competes only at local and provincial competitions. 


What is the competition pathway for youth athletes to Bouldering Regionals and Bouldering Nationals?


Athletes from Manitoba qualify for Bouldering Regionals West by competing in Manitoba competitions. The top finishers at Regionals qualify to compete at Nationals (final number determined by Climbing Canada). 


How many athletes qualify for Youth Bouldering Regionals West?


As of February 11, 2024, Climbing Canada has allocated the following quota for Manitoba athletes at Youth Bouldering Regionals West:

  • Junior: 2 athletes per gender

  • Youth A: 2 athletes per gender

  • Youth B: 2 athletes per gender

  • Youth C: 4 athletes per gender

In 2023, Climbing Canada provided additional quota for many of these categories. Climbing Manitoba anticipates that Climbing Canada will allocate additional quota to Manitoba again this year. 


When will final rankings be determined?


Climbing Manitoba has sanctioned The Hive’s Honey Dill Style competition on March 2, 2024. Climbing Manitoba will use scramble scores from this competition to calculate the final rankings. Final rankings should be available by March 5, 2024. 


When will Climbing Manitoba know about more additional quota for Youth Bouldering Regionals West?


Last year, conversations related to additional quota took place in the middle of March. Climbing Manitoba will continue to ask Climbing Canada about additional quota and will be in touch with athletes as soon as we hear that additional Manitoba athletes can compete at Youth Bouldering Regionals West. 

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